Black diggers become even bessovestnoi
Despite the fact that in recent years managed to achieve restrictions in the trade of ancient objects, black archaeology still remains an urgent problem in Latvia. Some archaeologists even came…

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Egypt opens first Museum of fossils of the Middle East
In the Egyptian desert valley of Wadi al-Khitaan, about 150 km southwest of Cairo, founded the first Museum of Middle East, dedicated to the ancient fossils. Here you can visually…

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Novgorod archaeologists refute the information about the discovery of an ancient ship in the Volkhov

The head of the project “underwater heritage of Russia” Andrey Lukoshkov said that in the river Volkhov found a 17-metre vessel are thousands of years old. The Novgorod historian called this information is unproved and fantastic.

The TV Show “News. Science” has published the information that the findings of scientists, made on the rivers and lakes of North-West Russia do not support the Norman theory of the origin of the Russian state. Found the boat is more like Germanic, but researchers didn’t find any Scandinavian keel of the vessel.

The most ancient find of scientists — 17-foot vessel in the channel of the river Volkhov. According to Lukoshkov, it has an age of several thousand years. More precisely to determine the date yet, as it is necessary to raise the ship from the water that will cause irreparable damage to the artifact. This will be done after the decision on the museumization and preservation of a unique object, — reports the edition.

Deputy General Director of the Novgorod Museum-reserve on archaeological research Sergey Troyanovsky said that scientific theories Andrew Lukashkova repeatedly failed. But the existence of the vessel at the bottom of Volkhov is not proven, since the electronic equipment detected a large object on the bottom, but not the fact that it is an ancient ship.

In 2006 was splachnaceae of the Volkhov river, was the search for possible remnants of sunken ships. One of lying on the bottom of the Volkhov river boats Andrey Lukoshkov believes very ancient ship, which connects with shipbuilding traditions of Europe, binds to this fantastic origin of Western Slavs. Attempts to prove these theories we have at the conferences failed. He sometimes goes into the scope of scientific hypotheses and fantasies, there is no evidence. We have only the eccentric flow that is still not studied, and only discovered electronic devices on the bottom of Volkhov. Something lies at the bottom, but little evidence of what lies at the bottom of the Titanic, a submarine, and so forth, — says Sergey Troyanovsky.

The archaeologist noted that at the bottom of the Volkhov always have experts: exploring the Great bridge, looking for traces of the battle in Korostyni, and Shelonskaya battle. They too are skeptical about this hypothesis.

— In Novgorod was very active navigation, there are many sunken boats, katerkov. Would love to find a big epic ship. But people who know the hydrology of the Volkhov river, know its depth, carefully says that the channel of the river could go large sea vessel. It is believed that walked in here out of the seas, the merchants moved in Ladoga in flat-bottomed vessel. The depth of the river is not possible, — said Sergey Troyanovsky.

Fossils of the time when life on land was found by a resident of Novosibirsk
Novosibirsk scientists have discovered fossils of the oldest animals in Toguchinsky district of Novosibirsk region. According to experts, their age is about 400 million years, while life appeared on dry…

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"Black archeologists" unwittingly helped the Nikolaev scientists-historians
At the end of 2012 on the territory of the Nikolaev area the archeologists found unique coins of the Golden Horde and trapesund Empire. It is noteworthy that valuable artifacts…