Archaeologists and black diggers.
Archaeologists and black diggers should find a common language, to combine efforts and work together to preserve historic values in Russia. If you think that a COP ( the treasure…

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In the Belgorod group "black diggers" more than a year was engaged in search and sale of ammunition
In Belgorod convicted black diggers. The criminal group was engaged in search and sale of arms and ammunition of times of the great Patriotic war. Shoots like brand new —…

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Archaeologists exploring in the Albazin era from the stone age to the late middle ages

Excavations at Albazin prison is completed archaeological field season – Wednesday, August 11, all major work will be curtailed. Scientists summarize first scientific results. The main discoveries of this year was the discovery of nineteen single burials in coffins and, presumably, new skudelny – mass graves of the defenders of the Albazin prison of the seventeenth century.

19 single burials in coffins, most likely, relate to the beginning of the siege of the Fort, when its defenders still had enough strength to dig individual graves and the house they put together for each of the deceased. Some of these burials was demolished, and the bones of the dead extracted for further study, the other part is preserved to continue in the new season. Several coffins cleared and left untouched for demonstration to participants of the solemn ceremony of reburial of the remains of defenders albazina, which will be held in early September.

Also in 2015 was discovered, allegedly, a new skudelny – a mass grave of the defenders. In one of the sectors of the main excavation found six big 12-pound nuclei in the boundaries of residential or commercial buildings with a hearth. Upon further investigation of this construction in its territory began to appear bones and skulls. Experts believe that this is taskula in the dugout, previously used for housing or economic purposes; later they began to put the victims, so as to bury them had no other place.

Surveyors group of companies “Petropavlovsk” has created the exact topoplan village and the surrounding area, tied to him for all archaeologists objects previously carried out excavations, promising for further research. They managed to create the most precise 3D model of the Burg with a laser scanner. This technology is used in domestic archaeology for the first time and has the potential to greatly enhance methods of archaeological research. It allows previously unattainable precision snap to the terrain all the finds.

On Angiyskom the boneyard, which is located two kilometers from Albazin, archaeologists discovered a collective burial of the local population, presumably, Daurs lived in this territory before the arrival of the Russians. Here was recovered five skeletons well preserved and a lot of material artifacts: beads, coins, pendants, earrings and rings, jewelry clothing. Precise Dating of the burials is of some complexity as found at the site of the Chinese coin dated to the XI century. But she could be in circulation for many centuries later. Archaeologists Andrey Cherkasov and Andrey Subiaco expressed the idea – to restore the image of women durci, found in the burial place, well-preserved skull.

“The expedition also studied in an open and multi-layered settlement Olgovichi-I. Thus, we examine all epochs and cultures – from the Neolithic to the middle ages, from sinozersky archaeological culture to the period of Russian colonization of the Amur region”, – said the head of the archaeological expedition Andrey Cherkasov.

Physics will help to determine the exact age of the finds from the excavations of the ancient city of Phanagoria
On the Taman Peninsula began a new season Phanagorian expedition The exact age of artifacts found at the site of the ancient city of Phanagoria in the Krasnodar region, will…

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Varakhsha In Bukhara Monuments
Varakhsha is located at a distance of 40 kilometers to the West from Bukhara (an area of 100 ha.; cultural layers – about 10 meters; the period of blossom -…