In the Belgorod group "black diggers" more than a year was engaged in search and sale of ammunition
In Belgorod convicted black diggers. The criminal group was engaged in search and sale of arms and ammunition of times of the great Patriotic war. Shoots like brand new —…

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Fossils of the time when life on land was found by a resident of Novosibirsk
Novosibirsk scientists have discovered fossils of the oldest animals in Toguchinsky district of Novosibirsk region. According to experts, their age is about 400 million years, while life appeared on dry…

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Egypt terminates a contract with archaeologists from the Mormon University

Network still debating extremely incredible news — in Egypt found a grave with two million mummies. For a little bit knowing the history of the issue, this message sounds completely unrealistic. And most importantly — the way it is. History with two million mummies is pure fake, rising to a ridiculous post Brigham Young University.

University Brigham Yang is not an ordinary University. This is the Central scientific authority of the sect of Mormons, called to prove the validity of the claims of the founding fathers of the Mormon teachings. So scientists working for him are aggressive, often outside of scientific ethics and with a considerable thirst for sensationalism. In Egypt they long ago settled in archaeological mission. The excavations Mormon Egyptologists have been ongoing for 28 years.

The decision of the Ministry of Egyptian antiquities (Egyptian Archaeology) instructs to terminate all contracts with the mission of Americans and to prevent further excavations, which led the mission of the University. Grounds for expulsion were numerous violations in the Protocol of interaction between the mission and the Ministry, publication of false reports. In the British newspaper published an article in which missioninsite Brigham young reported finding the graves of two million mummies. This was the last straw in a long-standing desire of the Ministry to terminate a contract with a Mormon University.

The message in question relates to excavations in the village of al Phage-Games (in the governorate of Fayoum), upper Egypt. In a press release, the University announced that it is working on an extensive necropolis, a number of burials which is not younger than two thousand years. The number of burials described as “at least a million graves”, buried are called “mummies”.

The head of the Department of Ancient Egypt’s Ministry of antiquities, Youssef Khalifa, said that the message of University archaeologists devoid of the slightest reason.

At this archeological site we only found one mummy. It happened in 1980, it is now exhibited in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. That failed to detect the American mission — thousands of human skeletons, often even fragments of skeletons. In a very bad condition. Youssef Khalifa

Dr. Khalifa also noted that the mission violated the rules of work of foreign archaeologists adopted in Egypt. According to them, any report of the archaeological find must be pre-verified with the Department of the Ministry. To this end a special Committee and all other missions do not have difficulties when communicating with them.

Kerry Muhlstein, head of the excavation project of the University really managed to say the wrong thing. So, he reported that he had found at least 1,700 mummy, tombs depths up to 23 meters, which the mummies were grouped according to hair colour and so on. The tabloids picked up these messages and sensationalized, undesirable for the image of Egypt as a country-oriented scientific approaches in archaeology.

The position of the University Brigham young not yet officially confirmed. At the informal level there is a perception that the Ministry of antiquities wants to assign to their scientific groups the results of the excavations and found only the reason for the expulsion of the Americans.

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Open archaeology
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Millions of years ago in the Altai were people
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