Forbidden archaeology.
Scientists and archeology tell us emphatically that they know all about our origin and history. In truth, it is not so. Every year it opens new facts that expand incredibly…

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Fossils: dinosaurs
Our knowledge about dinosaurs based on fossilized remains found of dinosaurs, which are also called fossils. The first fossils of large teeth were discovered in the twenties of the 19th…

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The opening of the archeological camp

Stationed this year the archaeological expedition “Kyzyl-Kuragino” was the Pius-khemsky district. In the famous Valley of the kings, near the village of Arzhaan on the shores of salt lake White town expanded from 32 tents. At the opening ceremony on behalf of the Government of the Republic the participants and guests of the expedition were welcomed by Vice-Premier Anatoly Damba-Khuurak.

Could not attend the opening ceremony and representatives of the Russian geographical society. On behalf of the President of the RGS Sergei Shoigu with the beginning of the season congratulated Gennady Oleynik, Executive Director of the RGO.

On the route of the railroad “Kyzyl-Kuragino” archaeological work going on and the Krasnoyarsk territory. To congratulate the Tuvan camp was attended by a delegation from Krasnoyarsk archaeological camp “Ermak”.

Artists of the ensemble “Sayan”, “Change-Haa” presented an interesting concert program, guests were delighted with the Tuvan Gorovikov

This year in order to become part of the archaeological expedition volunteers have passed a rigorous selection. Student of Kazan gosuniversiteta Ideal Mansurov is not a bit sorry that I have overcome almost 3000 miles to be in Tuva.

The expedition will run until mid-September. During this time, will be replaced by three groups of volunteers, the archaeologists will work for almost three months in the field. They confidently claim that here the shores of White lake will find many historical artifacts.

Just over the summer the expedition will be attended by over 400 people. For the convenience of the residents of the tent camp built sauna, sports courts and a stage for performances. For the volunteers it was interesting and they took with them only pleasant memories of Tuva every day will conduct various activities.

During this season members of the expedition exploring the 4 large mound. It is possible that the volunteers and their leaders will become television celebrities. About their work the channel “My planet” documentary film.

Archaeological excavations of the “Kyzyl-Kuragino” the most ambitious project of the Russian geographical society. As noted by Gennady Oleynik, Executive Director of the RHS, today it is the largest expedition in the world.

Archaeological excavations of the ancient settlement of Lucentum (Tossal de Manises)
Those who want to know the origins of the Spanish city of Alicante should also visit one of the sights of Alicante - Lucentum (Lucentum). This archaeological site of an…

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The ancient city of Arkaim
The ancient city of Arkaim older than Troy by more than 1000 years. This is an ancient settlement of the bronze age, archaeology has been called "a Country of cities".…