Archaeological find in Jerusalem's City of David can reveal ancient secrets
The fortress was used to control the Temple mount. Mysterious 2,000-year-old fortification was built in Jerusalem during the reign of Antiochus IV. The recent opening of the archaeological community of…

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Outstanding archaeological discoveries of the year
There are still so many things that mankind does not know, often it comes to our past. And, of course, there will always be people who give life to finding…

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The findings are disturbing the minds

For centuries of research, archaeologists are increasingly confronted with inexplicable and mysterious finds, hidden below the surface. What secrets the earth hides our past?

Archaeologists find huge skeletons. Uranus, which was already used by someone, possibly the remains of dead cities from a nuclear explosion. But the scientists all this carefully conceal, as it is inconsistent with the General canons. And such discoveries are called forbidden archeology. Today a new article.

One of the most mysterious discoveries rightly belong to the stone found by an expedition group “Kosmopoisk”. In its thickness is well seen subject, almost 1 cm. long Detailed chemical analysis and x-ray images confirmed that the object is a metal bolt wrapped around it with a nut. It would seem, nothing unusual, only the age of the “bolt” is about 300 million years, and its structure was almost half-petrified. Skeptics immediately said that this discovery is a prehistoric animal, Crean idea, but at three universities specialists-crypto zoologists confirmed that crinoidea such a shape and size just did not exist.

To not less interesting finds include the skull of a dinosaur. found in Rhodesia In 1929, his frontal lobe was discovered stranovedenie a round hole, which could not leave nor spear, nor knife, not to mention the fact that such tools simply did not exist. With further chemical analysis, on the edges of the hole were traces of rust. What is this, a bullet hole. While this question belongs to the category of “Secrets of earth”.

In 1954 in an ancient pyramid of Thutmose in the Valley of the Dead. had discovered a strange wall pattern. depicting without doubt, a mechanical device, resembling a helicopter. Age of pyramids reaches 2500 years before our era, and before its opening it was completely sealed.

1983 by an American expedition discovered the unknown free space, contours, reminiscent of the room, under the Egyptian Sphinx. When you try to get inside the scientists met an unexpected obstacle – a plate of material, for its characteristics similar to concrete. Further attempts to drill it ended in failure – the drill is simply heated up and came into complete disrepair. After this incident, the Egyptian government strictly forbade to carry out further studies of the Sphinx.

What explains these findings is unknown. One of the theories before us there was one civilization. on the other – the fault of the fertile imagination of mankind. Skeptics just continue to ignore these facts. The heart of the mystery of the earth. gone, along with our ancestors who left for us such an unusual message.

Archaeologists have found a tunnel in the pyramid of the Aztecs Huitzilopochtli
Mexican archaeologists in the pyramid of the Aztec Huitzilopochtli in the ancient city of Tenochtitlan on the territory of modern Mexico city discovered a tunnel. It leads to two closed…

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Archaeologists of Russia and Kyrgyzstan began to study the ancient capital of the Principality of the Kyrgyz
Bishkek, July 2 /Kabar/. Scientists from Russia and Kyrgyzstan started joint archaeological excavations on the southern shore of lake Issyk-Kul. Archaeologists expect to find evidence of the existence near the…