Maiden tower and ancient places of worship
Studying places of worship and rock artifacts throughout the Absheron Peninsula together with Abbas Islamov, we came to the conclusion that almost all religious buildings of Absheron built on the…

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Archaeological find in Jerusalem's City of David can reveal ancient secrets
The fortress was used to control the Temple mount. Mysterious 2,000-year-old fortification was built in Jerusalem during the reign of Antiochus IV. The recent opening of the archaeological community of…

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Black diggers become even bessovestnoi

Despite the fact that in recent years managed to achieve restrictions in the trade of ancient objects, black archaeology still remains an urgent problem in Latvia. Some archaeologists even came to the conclusion that illegal diggers have become even bessovestnoi: archaeological sites, especially cemeteries, left behind in a terrible state.

Recently, archaeologists have summarized the latest research in Latvia. For two years managed to find a flaming cemetery, the settlement of the Mesolithic, underground tavern in Tukums, a settlement of the bronze age and others, reports the Latvian portal .

It took a year and a half after the entry into force of the amendments to the law “About protection of monuments of culture”, according to which all the found ancient objects, Dating from the 17th century (and earlier), belong to the state and should be kept in museums. Ancient archaeological values are protected monuments, and if somebody finds a new ancient place, it must inform the State Inspectorate for protection of monuments of culture.

The head of the Department of archaeology and history of Sandra according to various sources, assessing the period after the entry into force of the amendments notes that the number of black diggers continues to grow, and to improve the situation, it takes more time.

“Speaking of good, we began to receive more information about found ancient objects not only archaeological, but also istoricheskoye. People say that if you are able to find something (so our list has replenished with six new archaeological sites), some found places already spoiled, but a little map of the Latvian archaeological sites updated. On the other hand, there are also black diggers, against whom for the damage caused to archaeological sites, at the moment, started at least 60 criminal trials. During the year initiated an average of 20 processes,” says game starts.

However, only one in six report the finding of ancient objects was a black digger. According to various sources and mentioned the case in Liepaja where the archaeologist about the black inhabitants reported: photographed the car black archaeologist at the site of action and gave evidence to the police. In this regard, according to various sources comes to the conclusion that in recent years the storage of historical heritage, seems to have found an echo in society.

Only in Latvia more than 2,000 archaeological sites, and most of them are located in Vidzeme. Inspector Vidzeme Department of Inspection for monuments sarmīte Dunduri made a clear conclusion that after the introduction of strict rules in the law, the situation of black archeologists had not improved. “If we talk about territories, the number of demolitions lead Madona district, Lake edge, Angliski edge, and Cesvaine region”, — says the Dunduri.

The employee of inspection confirms that ancient objects of the Latvian people still continue to appear on the portal ebay, and therefore they have already lost to Latvian history.

Despite the efforts of black diggers, local archaeologists also make new discoveries. During the session of the archaeological report, which occurs every two years, on problems of preservation of the archaeological heritage drew the attention of the head of the Institute of history LOU Anthony vilcane. She noted that the General picture of the historical research spoil black diggers, which take a minimum of the subject. “Black archeologists actually not archaeologists, because it is a science, and they just dig up ancient sites, collect artifacts and ancient objects that sell or take to collection. To society, these things almost do not reach. But the worst is that they destroy the context, which is sometimes for the archaeologist found themselves much more important things when determining the value and character of ancient place,” says vilcane.

The ancestors of Western Europeans were the inhabitants of today's southern Russia
According to the latest study, nomads of the steppe regions of modern southern Russia, played a significant role in the formation of the population and the languages of today's Europe.…

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Ancient fossils of Kursk underfoot
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