Outstanding archaeological discoveries of the year
There are still so many things that mankind does not know, often it comes to our past. And, of course, there will always be people who give life to finding…

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Millions of years ago in the Altai were people
Archaeologists from Novosibirsk came to the conclusion that the settlements of primitive people in Siberia were more than a million years ago. The remains of the first Siberians were discovered…

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Forbidden archaeology.

Scientists and archeology tell us emphatically that they know all about our origin and history. In truth, it is not so. Every year it opens new facts that expand incredibly familiar, cozy, but very narrow limits of the modern world.

Richard Thompson . American scholar, author of many articles on mathematics, Geology and physics, began to collect all the discarded science data concerning the prehistoric past of mankind, he was a member of the spiritual Institute’s Bhakti-Vedanta and adhered to those beliefs at the history that were described in ancient Indian Vedic treatises . namely that humanity existed for a very, very long time.

In collaboration with writer Michael Cremo, he was the impressive one that explained and analyzed this data, most of which are ignored or not recognized by modern science.

After nine years of work the book was published in 1993 under the title ” Forbidden archaeology “. It was one of the most amazing books of the decade. And, admittedly, remarkable for the restraint and moderation of his judgment. As the authors found, among the findings of geologists, archaeologists and paleontologists there is evidence that humans in their modern form have lived many millions – or decadelong years ago in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. They used tools, hunted and co-existed with others close to the person or close to the monkey species, like a miniature Lucy. The authors indicate that there is every reason to think that the situation in the distant past was very similar to the situation of our day, when humans and apes are different species live on Earth at the same time.

Mysterious fossil imprints of human feet found in Letoile is proof of the fact that humans and certain species of Australopithecus lived in the same area in the same era. The mere assumption that the current reconstruction of our evolutionary past can be so badly distorted, there are already blatant heresy in the eyes of mainstream Orthodoxy.

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Maiden tower and ancient places of worship
Studying places of worship and rock artifacts throughout the Absheron Peninsula together with Abbas Islamov, we came to the conclusion that almost all religious buildings of Absheron built on the…

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Homo naledi: the missing link of evolution, or a new kind of man?
A new type of fossil man are found in South Africa. His bones found in one of the local caves cavers. The creature had a small brain, like chimpanzees, were…