Paleontologists have found the remains of saber-toothed tehnologo - giraffe
Scientists in Spain have found the remains of an exotic relative of giraffes, who had three horns, similar in shape to the hairdo Queen Amidala from "Star Wars" George Lucas,…

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Caral (Caral) is the most ancient city of America
The ancient city of Caral (Caral-Supe, Caral-Supe) is located 160 kilometers North of Lima. Numerous studies have established that the city had already existed 5,000 years ago. These data shook…

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Ancient animals whose remains have found in Adygea. Infographics

The territory of Adygea was once the bottom of an ancient sea-lake the Paratethys which existed on the earth 25 million years ago.

According to the Professor of the Adyghe state University Igor Wolfhound . The paratethys seized the Black, Azov and Caspian seas, the area from Paris to Altai.

Millions of years ago undoubtedly was dominated by a subtropical climate. Therefore, scientists have no doubt: Lagonaki plateau in the past is a piece of barrier reef. This is evident in the fossilized remains of marine animals: ancient dolphins, sea turtles and whales found in the region of the plateau.

Increasingly in lowland areas of Ciscaucasia scientists discover remnants of burial of mammoths, bones of blue whales. Archaeologists in Adygea, prompted by a local fisherman discovered and described several burials of bones of mammoth: Tusk with a diameter of 24 cm, thigh and backbone of a major 50-year-old male mammoth.

“The question arises: how the blue whales and mammoths trapped in the Caucasus mountains? One hypothesis: a whale could be abandoned giant tsunami waves in the Wake of a major disaster described in the Bible as the flood. This version of the 20-ies of the XIX century was supported by the geologists Sedgwick and Buckland. Now this hypothesis was revived in the writings of Austrian scientists geologists of the University of Vienna Edith Christian-Tallman and Alexander Tollman,” said Igor Wolfhound .

Sinica is not the only mystery of archaeology. On the river the river was found Sarmatian petrified skeleton of a whale. Uniqueness of the findings is that the whale has survived in its entirety. According to “the author” finds the famous scientist and paleontologist from Adygea Konstantin Tarasenko, Sarmatian whale lived at least 10 million years ago. But due to the lack of conditions for the exhibition unique worldwide sensation kit of the Neogene period is in “suspended” state.

Now in geological-mineralogical Museum of the University of Adyghe contains a unique paleontological: the bone of Neanderthal man found in the Parking lot, the Ammonites the age of 120-130 million years old, the tooth of a mastodon. And, perhaps, main “rarities” – the remains of the ichthyosaur and the Etruscan rhinoceros.

The ancient city of Phanagoria
Phanagoria was a major Greek colony, which was located on the Taman Peninsula, on the shore of Kerch Strait. Now the ruins of the former Phanagoria is located near the…

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Archaeologists: Kaliningrad region Rob "black diggers"
The activities of the black diggers in the Kaliningrad region takes on a menacing new timbre. Such statement on air of radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has made archaeologists Kaliningrad Evgeny Kalashnikov…