The findings are disturbing the minds
For centuries of research, archaeologists are increasingly confronted with inexplicable and mysterious finds, hidden below the surface. What secrets the earth hides our past? Archaeologists find huge skeletons. Uranus, which…

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Archaeologists: Kaliningrad region Rob "black diggers"
The activities of the black diggers in the Kaliningrad region takes on a menacing new timbre. Such statement on air of radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has made archaeologists Kaliningrad Evgeny Kalashnikov…

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The appearance of the first humans in South America shifted a few thousand years ago

A group of archaeologists from Vanderbilt University (USA) and several Chilean universities found in the vicinity of the oldest known primitive people of the Clovis culture in South America earlier traces of the temporary camps belonging, probably, to people of other cultures. Radiocarbon Dating showed that the found artifacts are aged from 14 000 to 19 000 years, whereas the oldest known traces of representatives of the Clovis appeared not later than 14 thousand years ago. The paper was published in the journal PLoS ONE .

Scientists examined several locations in the area of the oldest known to date Parking representatives of culture Clovis Chilean Monte Verde. Archaeologists have found stone tools 39 and 12 small camp-fires, around which were scattered animal bones with traces of processing (they were broken and fragmented) and fire, as well as nut shells and remains of other edible plants. This bone belonged as rather large animals — ancient llamas, mastodons, and small prehistoric horses and deer. However, neither they nor drugite could be in Monte Verde at the time because of the rather cold climate and lack of vegetation, hence, their killed and skinned in a different place, and only then delivered to the Parking lot.

The most primitive and ancient of the discovered guns.

Even more the interest of scientists called stone tools. In General they were similar to previously detected, however a significant number (about 34 percent) were made from materials available in Monte Verde. Such materials can be produced only in the coastal zones of Chile. Almost all guns had primitive form is processed (with traces of chips) was only one side of the stone, although the most recently discovered chopped already had a culture Clovis bilateral, rather careful handling. The most ancient weapon was age 18 500 years.

A more complex variant axes made of basalt.

All found artifacts indicate that humans appeared in South America much earlier than previously thought. At that time the climate in the area of Monte Verde was still quite cold and difficult for the permanent dwelling. Therefore, according to archaeologists, primitive people appeared here briefly in the summer months, and then went warmer regions in winter. In other words, it was not sedentary and constantly migrating from the ocean coast to the Andes, a tribe of hunter-gatherers, which explains the diversity in the materials of stone tools and animal remains.

Crimean "black archeologists" boasted a unique find
In the Crimea "black archeologists" excavated bronze unique treasure. Photo finds they did not hesitate to put on the forum the online auction Violity report 15 minutes the User under…

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Forbidden archaeology.
Scientists and archeology tell us emphatically that they know all about our origin and history. In truth, it is not so. Every year it opens new facts that expand incredibly…