Black diggers become even bessovestnoi
Despite the fact that in recent years managed to achieve restrictions in the trade of ancient objects, black archaeology still remains an urgent problem in Latvia. Some archaeologists even came…

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Homo naledi: the missing link of evolution, or a new kind of man?
A new type of fossil man are found in South Africa. His bones found in one of the local caves cavers. The creature had a small brain, like chimpanzees, were…

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In Veliky Novgorod participants of youth archaeological camp made the first discoveries

Today in Veliky Novgorod, the participants of the international archaeological excavations have found some artifacts 10-15 centuries. The works are famous on the Trinity excavation.

“It’s leather, it’s ceramics, it’s a bone. This mass of discoveries. They are in a cultural layer and a large number of them. Ceramics – these were previously vessels”, – says the participant of the project Katerina Voytyna .

The first hour of work and so many discoveries. Troitsky excavation is one of the most famous and largest in the country. Research conducted here for over 40 years . Now scientists have reached the cultural layer of the 11th century. Students from different countries was invited to help search for artifacts. And at the same time to gain practical experience.

Stanislav Morozov, coordinator of the youth camp . “They are future scientists, we hope. All of them are students, studying Russian culture, Russian history, Russian language in their countries. These people come from Macedonia, Serbia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Vietnam”.

During the years of excavations there were found more than two dozen urban estates of the period from about the 10th to the 15th century. Nikola came from Macedonia. Said, to visit the Trinity excavation is to touch the history of Ancient Russia.

Nikola Stojanovski, member of the project (Macedonia) . “I am a student of Russian language and literature Macedonia. I want to learn Russian history and the Great Novgorod”.

The students are not free. During the week of the excavation camp organizers pay 4 thousand rubles. However, members say, they came for the money. Each of them wants to find birch bark letter or an ancient princely seal. For these findings relies even prize.

Regret future scientists about one – in memory of the camp will be only Photos. From the excavations it is impossible to get even a shard of pottery. All findings will transfer to the funds of the Novgorod Museum-reserve .

In Russia every year is held a few tens of excavations. The last major discovery made by the archaeologists was a treasure of silver jewelry with a total weight of 5 pounds. He was found last year in excavations of the ancient settlement of Bolgar in Tatarstan.

A full fleet of empty cabs. A new law threatens the rights of the Ekaterinburg traffic jams

Archaeologists have discovered the tomb of Queen Nefertiti
The final resting place of Queen Nefertiti, the legendary beauty who ruled Egypt with her husband, the Pharaoh Akhenaten may have been found, says a British archaeologist. Nicholas Reeves, the…

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Open archaeology
1. Life in the Golden crypt Amber has always been caused by the rapture. Already in the stone age people of different tribes wore amulets made of amber. They believed…