Fossils: dinosaurs
Our knowledge about dinosaurs based on fossilized remains found of dinosaurs, which are also called fossils. The first fossils of large teeth were discovered in the twenties of the 19th…

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In the Novosibirsk region found in the graves of ancient nomads
Novosibirsk region in the early bronze age (II Millennium BC) was inhabited by the nomads from the territory of Kuzbass. This is evidenced by granite grave discovered by archaeologists Novosibirsk…

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In the Belgorod group “black diggers” more than a year was engaged in search and sale of ammunition

In Belgorod convicted black diggers. The criminal group was engaged in search and sale of arms and ammunition of times of the great Patriotic war.

Shoots like brand new — “Black diggers” test his discovery. The weapons of the great Patriotic they restored themselves to sell on the illicit market. Then as the investigation revealed this criminal group more than a year engaged in illegal search and sale of arms and ammunition.

Black diggers dismantled the German bullets. Gunpowder, too, will go on sale.

Wine this grouping proved seven episodes. During the operational activities of the FSB seized the members of this criminal group and their customers for more than 20 firearms and a thousand ammunition. By the way, sold their finds cheap: the price is for one instance ranged from 30 to 100 thousand rubles.

— These items were of interest to collectors, and criminals, members of extremist, terrorist organizations. Demand always creates supply, so the person was deliberately looking for weapons, ammunition and various the channels sold to residents of the Belgorod region and other regions,— said the operations officer of Ofspace in the Belgorod region.

Such deadly finds are popular on the illicit market. And Belgorod region with its military history particularly attracted to “black diggers”.

Belgorod forests and fields literally Packed with ammunition of the great Patriotic war. Artillery shells, mortar shells and even bombs. Bomb experts of the Ministry of emergency situations every week eliminate dozens of different explosive devices.

In this Museum-based search and rescue stations, among others, have instances that are often caught in the bomb squad: 75-millimeter artillery shell, hand grenade RGD-33 and 8-millimeter mortar shell. According to the staff of the Ministry of emergency situations, such discoveries are common throughout the area. However, the number of lead ammunition found Belgorod, Yakovlevsky and Prokhorovsky districts. During the day, bomb experts arrive on call 5-6 times. Only since the beginning of this year, rescuers eliminated 1300 more dangerous finds. Typically, these munitions are in good condition.

— Review of my bomb experts, it is easier to defuse modern ammunition than the one that had been in the ground for a long time. Of course, that in them is explosive and the detonators,— says Oleg Kuderov, head of search and rescue service EMERCOM of Russia across the Belgorod region.

It and use “black diggers”. Just last year in the Belgorod region was suppressed the activity of three such criminal gangs. These same criminals have already received punishment, the court sentenced them to different terms of restriction of freedom.

Ancient animals whose remains have found in Adygea. Infographics
The territory of Adygea was once the bottom of an ancient sea-lake the Paratethys which existed on the earth 25 million years ago. According to the Professor of the Adyghe…

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Mysteries Of The Bible. I was wondering if the archaeologists find the point in the centuries-long dispute?
Egyptian archaeologists announced a sensational discovery. At the bottom of the red sea discovered a large number of human remains and military equipment. The finds date back to the XIV…