In the Belgorod group "black diggers" more than a year was engaged in search and sale of ammunition
In Belgorod convicted black diggers. The criminal group was engaged in search and sale of arms and ammunition of times of the great Patriotic war. Shoots like brand new —…

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Homo naledi: the missing link of evolution, or a new kind of man?
A new type of fossil man are found in South Africa. His bones found in one of the local caves cavers. The creature had a small brain, like chimpanzees, were…

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Mysteries Of The Bible. I was wondering if the archaeologists find the point in the centuries-long dispute?

Egyptian archaeologists announced a sensational discovery. At the bottom of the red sea discovered a large number of human remains and military equipment. The finds date back to the XIV century BC Scientists believe that discovered the place of death the army of Pharaoh Akhenaten. According To The Bible. men perished in the depths of the sea when they tried to stop the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. With details – the correspondent of radio “Vesti FM” Andrei Popov . Today, when interest in the Bible, Holy Scripture for Jews and Christians, has grown greatly, many are wondering how you can trust her and the events described there. Some belong to the Orthodox claim that everything written in the Bible is true, and all the biblical stories you need to believe unconditionally. Others say that the Bible is not a textbook of science or history, and not all need to understand it literally that there are many allegories and parables.

Finally, religious scholars believe that, along with myths and legends in the Bible are reflected and some historical events. Among them – described in the second book of Moses called Exodus so. The Bible describes the Exodus of Jews in the wilderness, the persecution by the Egyptians and wonderful story about how the waters of the sea parted to let fugitives and close over the Pharaoh’s army.

Scientists tried to find explanations to this event sought putinista, but still were not sure that it’s not a myth. And here’s a sensational discovery, Egyptian archaeologists, it seems, can put an end to this centuries-old dispute. In the area of the town of RAS Gharib, on the way from Cairo to the resort town of Hurghada, on the sea bottom were found fragments of about 400 human skeletons and a large number of military equipment of the era of the pharaohs, including the component parts of war chariots.

The leaders of the scientific expedition believe that the expansion of the search area will allow them to detect several thousand of the remains of Egyptian soldiers and weapons of the era of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. According to archaeologists, on sites adjacent to the study site, must be about five thousand items. Professor Muhammad Abd El Gader from Cairo University does not exclude that his team made the finding may be a confirmation of biblical history.

According to the book “Exodus,” Pharaoh for a long time refused to release the Jews with Moses, but after “the ten plagues” was forced to consent. When the Jews left, Pharaoh changed his mind and sent an army to bring them back. Then the Lord to save the Hebrews, parted the red sea, and then brought them to chasing after the Jews to the Egyptian army.

It should be noted that archaeologists stumbled upon the remains of the army of Pharaoh accidentally during works on search of ancient vessels and evidence of trade between the lands lying on the shores of the red sea. For many years scientists have puzzled over how might such a phenomenon that the sea parted. There were various theories of how the route ran the Jews out of Egypt. Experts considered three editions – North, Central and South. But, according to the new findings, none of them was correct.

Underwater archaeologists will continue their work in the area of the town of RAS Gharib, and possibly found new evidence that in this place and has been described a miracle. Moreover, the modern Egyptian archaeologists findings confirm the hypothesis that much of what is described in the Bible really happened in the history of mankind.

Fossils of the time when life on land was found by a resident of Novosibirsk
Novosibirsk scientists have discovered fossils of the oldest animals in Toguchinsky district of Novosibirsk region. According to experts, their age is about 400 million years, while life appeared on dry…

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The findings are disturbing the minds
For centuries of research, archaeologists are increasingly confronted with inexplicable and mysterious finds, hidden below the surface. What secrets the earth hides our past? Archaeologists find huge skeletons. Uranus, which…