Mysteries Of The Bible. I was wondering if the archaeologists find the point in the centuries-long dispute?
Egyptian archaeologists announced a sensational discovery. At the bottom of the red sea discovered a large number of human remains and military equipment. The finds date back to the XIV…

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On Sakhalin black diggers the grave-robbing the Ainu
"I was silent but now I say right. Today we are dealing with rampant illegal pseudoarchaeologists excavations. The so-called search engines are removed historical objects without inventory and undocumented findings…

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Physics will help to determine the exact age of the finds from the excavations of the ancient city of Phanagoria

On the Taman Peninsula began a new season Phanagorian expedition

The exact age of artifacts found at the site of the ancient city of Phanagoria in the Krasnodar region, will help determine the scientists of the national research centre “Kurchatov Institute”. In the joint work of physicists and archaeologists will be used only in Russia resonant circular particle accelerator – a synchrotron, told TASS the head of the Phanagorian archeological complex expedition Vladimir Kuznetsov.

“The representatives of the Kurchatov Institute will participate in the work of the expedition – it is possible that on the site. Using different physical hardware, for example, Russia’s only synchrotron, it is possible to determine the age and composition of the artifacts, structure of matter, the origin of the material from which are made coins, utensils or weapons,” he said.

According to Kuznetsov, similar studies of archaeological finds outsales a few institutions in the world. “In this regard Phanagorian expedition, Russia’s only multidisciplinary, it becomes even more advanced,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

Fanagoria expedition conducted by the Institute of archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences jointly with the charitable Foundation “Volnoe Delo”. 12-m under the account the season, the participants intend to continue the study of the surroundings of the Palace lived in the first century BC king Mithridates VI Eupator, to survey the quarter of V century BC and to open so-called “Khazar” layers Dating from the VII-IX centuries of our era. The area to be excavated in the previous year will be increased twice – up to 5.5 thousand sq. m.

With the help of a 3D scanner is planned to create three-dimensional images of all excavations, over time and throughout the ancient city. In the future, on the basis of information collected will be recreated three-dimensional model of one of the capitals of the Bosporan Kingdom. To work on the map will also be used unmanned vehicles to capture reliefs of ancient settlement and necropolis.

Phanagoria – the largest archaeological monument of ancient times on the territory of Kuban region and across the country. The city was founded in the VI century BC by Greek settlers and has long been considered one of the two capitals of the ancient state formations – the Bosporan Kingdom. He then became the first capital of the Bulgarian state, one of the most important cities of Khazar Kaganate.

The ancestors of Western Europeans were the inhabitants of today's southern Russia
According to the latest study, nomads of the steppe regions of modern southern Russia, played a significant role in the formation of the population and the languages of today's Europe.…

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In the Novosibirsk region found in the graves of ancient nomads
Novosibirsk region in the early bronze age (II Millennium BC) was inhabited by the nomads from the territory of Kuzbass. This is evidenced by granite grave discovered by archaeologists Novosibirsk…