Mysterious archaeological finds
There are many mysterious archaeological finds . confirming the fact that the history of life on Earth may be nothing like what it describes geological and anthropological books. This is…

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The ancestors of Western Europeans were the inhabitants of today's southern Russia
According to the latest study, nomads of the steppe regions of modern southern Russia, played a significant role in the formation of the population and the languages of today's Europe.…

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Mysterious archaeological finds

There are many mysterious archaeological finds . confirming the fact that the history of life on Earth may be nothing like what it describes geological and anthropological books. This is clearly seen from the examples below.

In 1938 archaeologists in the mountains of China stumbled upon an interesting archaeological finds . In the cave that preserved the remnants of ancient civilization, were found many discs of stone under a thick layer of centuries old dust. The diameter of the disc was about 25 centimeters, and in the center of each was a round hole, it went spiral engraving that made them look like ancient vinyl record for gramophone. The age of the finds is estimated 10 to 12 thousand years. Engraving, viewed under a powerful microscope turned out to be little hieroglyphics that tell stories about space ships from distant worlds, wrecked in these mountains. Managed the ships of the creatures who called themselves the “loot”.

In 1900 experienced divers came across an interesting discovery near the Greek island of Antikythera, located from the island of Crete to the North-West. Exploring a sunken ship, they rose to the surface of the bronze and marble statues. Among the findings was a rusty piece of bronze, in which the visible part of the mechanism which consisted of different gears. Scientists have found that this device was created priblizitelno 80 BC Some archaeologists initially thought that it was a tool for calculations in astronomy, but further x-ray study of the mechanism were able to show interesting detail: the system of gears turned out to be too sophisticated. Like technology people are captured only in 1575. It is unknown who could create this mysterious tool almost 2,000 years ago, and why this technology was lost.

It is difficult to imagine operation of many things without the existence of elementary batteries. And now a few words about the battery, which is more than 2000 years. This mysterious archeological find known as the “Baghdad batteries”. It consists of a clay vessel with a diameter of slightly more than ten centimeters. In which was a copper cylinder is fixed with asphalt mixture with oxidized iron rod inside. Archaeologists who have examined it, came to the conclusion that for the production of electric current to the device it is only necessary acidic or alkaline filling. There is an opinion that the battery could even be used in electroplating of gold.

In the world there are many interesting archaeological finds . which belong to the Mesoamerican cultures and Ancient Egypt, which looks similar to modern aircraft. An artifact found in Egypt in 1898 in the tomb Sakkara, very similar to the model of a modern aircraft, as it has the body, wings and tail. Experts believe that this 15 inch plane has a very aerodynamic contours.

An interesting archaeological finding was working in 30-ies at the time of clearing in Costa Rica jungle under banana plantation. Several balls of stone of different diameter blocked their path, most of them were perfectly round. Some balls were quite small – an Apple, the other eight feet in diameter and weighing approximately 15 tons. Besides humans, to create them could not no one else, and the purpose of the stones and technology give them a round shape, to this day remain a mystery.

Everyone knows that the fossils were formed thousands of years ago. But there are a number of mysterious archaeological finds in the form of fossils to explain them neither history nor archaeology. Such findings include the human palm – print in limestone, which is about 110 million years. And in Utah, have discovered an ancient footprint, booted in a sandal, deposited from 300 to 600 million years ago.

How to explain these mysterious findings . You can consider many options. Can reasonable people appeared on Earth much earlier than we think. Or lived here or some other unknown intelligent beings that have advanced civilization long before the appearance of man.

The ancient city of Arkaim
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