Archaeological excavations of the ancient settlement of Lucentum (Tossal de Manises)
Those who want to know the origins of the Spanish city of Alicante should also visit one of the sights of Alicante - Lucentum (Lucentum). This archaeological site of an…

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Millions of years ago in the Altai were people
Archaeologists from Novosibirsk came to the conclusion that the settlements of primitive people in Siberia were more than a million years ago. The remains of the first Siberians were discovered…

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Ancient fossils of Kursk underfoot

Is it possible to find the bones of a fossil animal on the territory of Kursk region? It turns out that you can. The film crew met with our scientists and found that ancient fossils from Smoking literally underfoot.

Geological Museum of KSU. These findings – eloquent proof that the Kursk go to the bottom of the sea. 400 million years ago we grew the corals. And this “devil’s fingers” – the shells of belemnites – molluscs, similar to modern squid. The Ammonites – another ancient organism, the appearance of which can be judged on such prints. Here in marl traces of marine worms, and that the skeletal remains of ancient fish. Another exhibit is part of a huge colony of sea sessile worms of Oboyansky district. Senior lecturer, Department of physical geography and Geoecology, Kazan state University Natalia Ozerova.

Natalia Ozerova: “Except belemnites and Ammonites, on the territory of Kursk region there were other organisms. Before our time came the remnant of the sea urchin”.

Over billions of years on the territory of Kursk region deep sea not once gave way to shallow. These unique forests stretched here 100 million years ago. Remains of these giant trees also found us. This specimen was found by a student in the Oboyan area.

Natalia Ozerova: “In the rest of the moves you see ancient worms, which are also preserved in the mineral state. Voids in the opal tree balsareny and also remained to our time. Actually, this is a very fascinating exhibit”.

In the area of the village and the village of Tim Malotice Tatarskogo district found a unique Deposit of Sandstone with prints of leaves of plants. The world has only 6. And 2 of them we have at hand. Graduate student of natural geographical faculty of the Kazan state University Irina Kvasova.

Irina Kvasova: “We can see here needles and prints the cones of Araucaria. This plant is typical now in South America”.

Not only the fossils can be found in the land of Kursk. This is the bones of extinct contemporaries of the ancient people – of woolly rhinos and mammoths. They dwelt in large numbers. While entire skeletons were found, but scientists believe that all ahead.

Archaeologists involved in the study of Mangup fortress, this year carried out excavations of the Palace of the princes of Theodoro.
Still earth the Kingdom of punt are as mysterious as their ruler. Although this state is referred to in Egyptian sources during the 13 centuries (2500-1170 BC), their exact location…

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The ancient Parthians were placed in the graves ornaments made of talc
Iranian archaeological expedition has finished excavations of the ancient Parthian cemetery in the province Hormozgan. From the land recovered over 10 ballot boxes and a lot of jewelry from talc.…