During excavations in Smolensk discovered important artifacts
In Smolensk during excavations on the territory of the district Rachivka archeologists discovered unique artifacts of an ancient culture. Now experts believe that in the middle ages the city was…

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Archaeological excavations of the ancient settlement of Lucentum (Tossal de Manises)
Those who want to know the origins of the Spanish city of Alicante should also visit one of the sights of Alicante - Lucentum (Lucentum). This archaeological site of an…

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“Black archeologists” unwittingly helped the Nikolaev scientists-historians

At the end of 2012 on the territory of the Nikolaev area the archeologists found unique coins of the Golden Horde and trapesund Empire. It is noteworthy that valuable artifacts scientists have found through the activity of “black archeologists”. The participants of the expedition visited the excavations after reports of illegal intelligence services of the lovers of gain:

– It wasn’t even an expedition planned just intelligence. There has previously documented the work of “black archeologists”. Choose the coins we found on a small piece of the monument.

As reported by Smirnov, excavation of “black archeologists” bring a lot of trouble for scientists. So he chose not to name the place, where they found the artifacts:

Is on the South of the Nikolaev area. I would not want to promote this object, proceeding from the fear of robbers and “black archeologists”. If you take historical context, it is in the territory of the Genoese fortress. The Italian fortress, was called Lerici.

As for the findings, the scientists found only four coins. Three – times Golden Horde. Thus Alexander Smirnov said that such coins are often found in the region. Stachetory the coin is a legacy of the trapesund Empire – an unprecedented rarity. Thanks to a unique find of the Nikolaev scientists are already making guesses about the interstate economic relations of our ancestors:

– This is very interesting. Only found 4 coins, all of them silver. Three of them the Golden Horde. They are quite common in our region, because our region was a part of this state Association. Nothing in these findings there is no supernatural. They the collapse of the Golden Horde, the period of fighting khans for the throne. And one was found not coin the Golden Horde. It is very rare and unique. Coin trapesund Empire. This is an interesting aspect, it indicates the socio-economic context of our region.

After studying the coins found will be part of a numismatic exposition in the Museum complex “old naval barracks”.

After scientific processing, two months or three, we give in “old naval barracks”. We all the findings of our expeditions share of the Nikolaev regional Museum of local lore. Then we have another expedition on the island of Berezan, currently being negotiated, and those findings are given to the funds of the reserve Olvia, – said Alexander Smirnov.

Maiden tower and ancient places of worship
Studying places of worship and rock artifacts throughout the Absheron Peninsula together with Abbas Islamov, we came to the conclusion that almost all religious buildings of Absheron built on the…

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Archaeologists and black diggers.
Archaeologists and black diggers should find a common language, to combine efforts and work together to preserve historic values in Russia. If you think that a COP ( the treasure…