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The ancient city of Arkaim

The ancient city of Arkaim older than Troy by more than 1000 years. This is an ancient settlement of the bronze age, archaeology has been called “a Country of cities”.

Interestingly, the opening of the city of Arkaim was completely unexpected. In the late eighties of the last century, young scientists from Chelyabinsk carried out normal, unremarkable archaeological excavations. At that time this area was planned to flood to create artificial reservoirs. But suddenly, the attention of archaeologists was attracted unusual shafts. As it later turned out, they were surrounded by strange ancient settlement Arkaim.

Few people know, but it was in Arkaim was first saddled the world’s first horse and invented the spirit wheeled chariot used in battles. Here was found the first metallurgical furnace. The homeland of the Aryans, which, in turn, were the founders of the religion of fire worship.

What is the city like this, arch?

Actually, Arkaim is an archaeological complex from: settlements with strengthening, outbuildings, burial, settlements.

Located in the Chelyabinsk region, on the river, important because of its Large. Was founded in the XVII — XVIII centuries BC.

To this day there are a number of mysteries associated with this city. Because its first inhabitants is nomadic tribes. Scientists still do not understand what it took to free people who never sat in one place, to erect such a massive structure? Still unclear is why the first metallurgical furnace for smelting copper were discovered in the arch, and not in places deposits of this metal.

Geographically, the archaeological monument of Arkaim is a 20, 000 square meters. The excavated area little more than 8 thousand square meters. Is a circular settlement. The city is surrounded by a huge moat, which was filled with water, boulders, thick walls fenced perimeter. In the heart — area. From logs, blocks and soil built dwellings. Near each house — yard, the well, in the building required the presence of the hearth. There are a total of 60 buildings. The street here is only one, in the form of a ring. Even then, there was a system sort of sewage water discharge — the street itself is lined with logs, under which the channels were dug for sewage and storm water. Its width is more than five meters. Here were unearthed a lot of ceramic utensils, household articles made of bone, metal tools.

Today it is not known what period of time existed the ancient city of Arkaim. Unfortunately, the history of this city ended with a fire. Perhaps the locals set fire to it, maybe an external enemy tried to destroy him, or by accident — now it’s a question unlikely to get an answer.

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