Archaeological excavations of the ancient settlement of Lucentum (Tossal de Manises)
Those who want to know the origins of the Spanish city of Alicante should also visit one of the sights of Alicante - Lucentum (Lucentum). This archaeological site of an…

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Mysteries Of The Bible. I was wondering if the archaeologists find the point in the centuries-long dispute?
Egyptian archaeologists announced a sensational discovery. At the bottom of the red sea discovered a large number of human remains and military equipment. The finds date back to the XIV…

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Archaeologists: Kaliningrad region Rob “black diggers”

The activities of the black diggers in the Kaliningrad region takes on a menacing new timbre. Such statement on air of radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” has made archaeologists Kaliningrad Evgeny Kalashnikov and Ivan Zhadnov.

According to them, the scandal associated with the activities of “black diggers” (archaeologists call them in any case impossible, because the science these people do not have the slightest relationship) broke in the late 90s, when Moscow on the “black market” suddenly pop up exhibits from the famous collection of “Prussia”. On the Photos were identified by one of the experts, who called their colleagues in Kaliningrad and stunned the message. Rushed to find out, and it turned out that the largest collection of items related to datawomsci period in the history of our region, found on the 3rd the Fort notorious “diggers”. Archaeologists have rushed to the place, gathered a lot of coins, jewelry and other items from the collection of Prussia, have not had time to detect, either because of ignorance considered not valuable, or simply lost in the process of carrying. But you can just about imagine how much invaluable to science artifacts have been lost to the state.

According to archeologists, all the forests and fields dug by a people who individually and in groups walking around with metal detectors under the guise that supposedly looking for the rarities of World war II. In many respects it is, but here are the pathfinders, of course, did not disdain, and archaeological finds.

“We can’t make “black diggers” to leave the object – complain archaeologists. – Not only because they are many and we are few, but we still do not have adequate powers under the law. Here must act the representatives of Service of state protection, and in close interaction with law enforcement bodies”.

Once the state even had to buy the “black diggers” they found a hoard of bronze age. And the police, according to scientists, are very reluctant to respond, citing his large workload.

Archaeologists exploring in the Albazin era from the stone age to the late middle ages
Excavations at Albazin prison is completed archaeological field season – Wednesday, August 11, all major work will be curtailed. Scientists summarize first scientific results. The main discoveries of this year…

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On Sakhalin black diggers the grave-robbing the Ainu
"I was silent but now I say right. Today we are dealing with rampant illegal pseudoarchaeologists excavations. The so-called search engines are removed historical objects without inventory and undocumented findings…