Archaeological find in Jerusalem's City of David can reveal ancient secrets
The fortress was used to control the Temple mount. Mysterious 2,000-year-old fortification was built in Jerusalem during the reign of Antiochus IV. The recent opening of the archaeological community of…

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Archaeologists: Kaliningrad region Rob "black diggers"
The activities of the black diggers in the Kaliningrad region takes on a menacing new timbre. Such statement on air of radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has made archaeologists Kaliningrad Evgeny Kalashnikov…

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Millions of years ago in the Altai were people

Archaeologists from Novosibirsk came to the conclusion that the settlements of primitive people in Siberia were more than a million years ago. The remains of the first Siberians were discovered in the Altai region, namely in Soloneshensky district. On the territory of the excavations now run large groups of tourists. This causes resentment archaeologists, the reason is not respect for the monuments of archeology and culture of the tourists.

More than a million years ago on the Siberian expanses lived the ancestors of modern man. This sensational statement was made by archaeologists in the result of the long archaeological excavations on ancient site Karama in Altai. There is also the suggestion that those ancient people were similar to Africans. This is not surprising, because the resettlement of people on a planet has occurred is from Africa. At that time, the development of new land was in full swing and settlers, reached the South of Siberia, decided to stay here. In those times the climate in these parts was much softer and came to his contemporaries.

A place called Karama, archaeologists discovered recently as 10 years ago. The main feature of the Parking lot that the history of ancient tombs in this place is seen as so zuanich historical “layers”. By studying these “layers” of Paleolithic times scientists have come to a sensational conclusion and find incredibly valuable finds. During the excavations were discovered ancient tools age above 800 thousand years! Is that why scientists and archaeologists verbal nicknamed this place the “Cradle of mankind”.

However it is worth saying that Parking karma is not the only place in Siberia, where are held archaeological excavations. Not a fake scientific interest in Denisova cave, which is located 14 kilometres from Karama. It’s kind of unique archeological and natural monument. He is listed in the UNESCO Foundation. Is it the same place where Karama, namely in Soloneshensky district, Altai territory. The discovery of the cave occurred in 1977. Is considered a pioneer paleontologist N. Botflies. And since 1979 there began archaeological excavations. In Denisova cave were found the remains of primitive man. Named it in honor of excavation – Denisovets! For all the time spent at the dig, the archaeologists were able to find more than 80 thousand historic artifacts in 22 layers.

These historically valuable places, where they spend a huge amount of archaeological excavations, have become grandiose sights and a huge wealth of information! Historians and archaeologists have paved a lot of tourist routes through these places, to acquaint everyone with the history of our ancestors. However, not all the tourists during the excursions so kind to these places as it would like scientists! Some direct desire something with itself to drag on the memory. But it categorically can not be done! Because in the process of collecting “memorable” Souvenirs, collapse layers, which are, much more historical value than the artifacts themselves!

As sure the majority of scientists and archaeologists Karama and Denisova cave is not the only historical monuments in this area in Siberia. Because the Institute of archaeology and Ethnography SB RAS conducts basic scientific research throughout the Asian part of Russia, from the Caspian sea to the Pacific ocean! Also with his help and direct participation of excavations on the territory of the Balkans, Kazakhstan, Vietnam. Researches are conducted on all time periods of life on these and not only these areas!

Paleontologists have found the remains of saber-toothed tehnologo - giraffe
Scientists in Spain have found the remains of an exotic relative of giraffes, who had three horns, similar in shape to the hairdo Queen Amidala from "Star Wars" George Lucas,…

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Archaeologists have discovered the tomb of Queen Nefertiti
The final resting place of Queen Nefertiti, the legendary beauty who ruled Egypt with her husband, the Pharaoh Akhenaten may have been found, says a British archaeologist. Nicholas Reeves, the…