Egypt terminates a contract with archaeologists from the Mormon University
Network still debating extremely incredible news — in Egypt found a grave with two million mummies. For a little bit knowing the history of the issue, this message sounds completely…

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Ancient animals whose remains have found in Adygea. Infographics
The territory of Adygea was once the bottom of an ancient sea-lake the Paratethys which existed on the earth 25 million years ago. According to the Professor of the Adyghe…

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Open archaeology

1. Life in the Golden crypt

Amber has always been caused by the rapture. Already in the stone age people of different tribes wore amulets made of amber. They believed that this mysterious substance could drive away evil spirits. And later when man mastered the trade, amber was valued as Doro

2. Easter island mystery revealed on Vasilievsky island

Of all the mysterious places that actually exist on earth, the most mysterious was the piece of land in the Great or the Pacific ocean at 27 degrees South latitude, to which, on 7 April 1722 came the ships of the Dutch Admiral Jacob Roggeven

3. Interrupted journey

The story heard and wrote down in 923 year of the famous traveler Ibn Fadlan, Secretary of the Embassy of the Baghdad Caliph’s Delegation addressed to the Bulgar king Alasu. We will talk about an Indian merchant (Ibn Fadlan calls it “sindram”), which

4. Helmet Of Alexander Nevsky?

Somehow in the circle of old residents of the ancient city of Nizhny Novgorod land, or to be exact, and Russian, — a dispute arose. Talked about the location of Gorodetsky Fedorovsky monastery, the very place where the path from the Horde died, the great Prince Alexander Nevsky.

5. Five civilizations on the same ship

On the Maritime trade routes passing along the southern coast of Turkey sank, for various reasons, many ancient ships. The loss of one of, them — shopping, eye length 20 meters, loaded with valuable goods and products became, I suppose, a large p

6. For the gold “silver fleet”

In 1702, in a naval battle at Vigo went down immediately 17 Galleons loaded with gold and silver. Their precious cargo not raised until now. Vigo Bay is a long inlet from the sea, stretching about 8 miles northeast and 3 miles wide, but gradually narrowing

7. Opening Moscow underground.

About archaeological excavations in Moscow at the Manege square today know almost everything, not just residents of the capital. But few people suspect that just a decade ago, work of this magnitude were not feasible, and it could be a situation when

8. A country of vanished towns

This triptych and the explanation thereto have been sent to us by artist Alexander Robbers from Chelyabinsk. Perhaps because in 1989, in the 3rd issue of our magazine was published the essay “two thousand years before Troy, in which the archaeologist Gennady Zdanovich told

9. Unclaimed baksheesh

In the age of computers and space exploration — it’s hard to imagine that on our planet there are ancient civilizations not yet explored by scientists. And yet it is so. Proof of this is the discovery by Russian archaeologists of the ancient country of Margiana. And all-so

In 1991 there was published the first guide of the magical places of Czechoslovakia”. But the town of Celakovice in it was not listed. Ghosts, ghosts, vampires have been in other places, not there. Although Celakovice and mentioned in ancient Chronicles.

Crimean "black archeologists" boasted a unique find
In the Crimea "black archeologists" excavated bronze unique treasure. Photo finds they did not hesitate to put on the forum the online auction Violity report 15 minutes the User under…

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Archaeological find in Jerusalem's City of David can reveal ancient secrets
The fortress was used to control the Temple mount. Mysterious 2,000-year-old fortification was built in Jerusalem during the reign of Antiochus IV. The recent opening of the archaeological community of…