World challenge maps neopets prizes for adults

World challenge maps neopets prizes for adults

Each world challenge begins at exactly 3 minutes past the hour. However, it is a good idea to enter this new challenge (yes, it will charge you np again) and send at Once you have all 20 pieces, you can convert the map for a prize. Is it typically more profitable to sell map pieces won from World Challenges individually or to complete an entire map and then sell off the prize. It depends of the map and prizes are random though I can tell you that . I'm not good at any of the neopia central world challenge games. World challenge maps neopets prizes for adults

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  • World Challenges are competitions against random, unknown opponents to see (Sounds easy, but you need to choose a game...

Don't forget to write your highest score for each game too! You can ask people to play so the scores don't carry over to the next hour, but you cannot ask people to lose on purpose.

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World challenge maps neopets prizes for adults -

The only real variable is the games offered. This number is used for determining the payouts to the winning players but it can also be used to determine how many people have entered the World Challenge. Now at this point you must remember there are 3 ways to win a world challenge we will get into those soon and you can only win in these catagories if your tally is 0 or above. If you can't get the highest tally for the hour, keep playing!

Level 2 is a alright prize Level 3 is what you work for. Lastly, you can win by having the highest score total.

World Challenge Guide

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