What are prizes for the hive easy mode

What are prizes for the hive easy mode

The phantom portal on normal mode prizes! it is so easy to turn an aparri or wisteria moment into a meme! Welcome to The Hive Adventure Cheats!. On easy mode, you have to find 3 corks, water 8 plants, The Phantom King fight is essentially the same as it was in the Hive, but with the . Common prizes for the crystals and amethysts are headdresses, beards, and. Animal Jam Adventure Guides, Cheats & Prizes. Welcome to the Some new Adventures are in BETA mode so there are still some bugs being worked out. This time you have to go into the phantom hive and find the phantom king. Here is.

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The Hive Prizes Easy Mode!!!!

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What are prizes for the hive easy mode

Have everyone in the adventure split up. Easy mode is quicker, but the prize at the end doesn't give good clothing items, and there are fewer animal passages. Click here for a full walkthrough guide and cheats for the Phantom Portal! Playing on hard mode gets phantom armor, which looks pretty slick on wolves. Anonymous 30 November at

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The Hive Prizes Easy Mode!!!!

What are prizes for the hive easy mode -

The phantoms have taken over their burrow and cut off their water supply. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Ajfoxface 22 December at This is the adventure in which the boomseeds are introduced, which are a key weapon in the following adventures.

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  1. Its because, it was made in adventures BETA, also in the forgotten desert, you can get anything.

  2. I have been noticing that you all have been having problems with the Animal Jam Adventures, particularly the Forgotten Desert, and I have compiled this guide to help you.

  3. Always carry a torch and boomseeds with you, so the player is not caught off guard by phantoms.

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