Prizes for baby shower guests

Prizes for baby shower guests

Baby shower games are great, but baby shower prizes are even better. Who doesn't want to win something fabulous after a little fun competition?. Playing games and getting to know each other in the process is a great way of welcoming the baby. Excite your guests with this baby shower. The top 25 baby shower prizes that your guests will actually love! These inexpensive prize ideas are sure to be a hit.

Baby Shower Game Prizes

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PRIZES FOR BABYSHOWERS GAMES Prizes for baby shower guests

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Prizes for baby shower guests -

Perhaps you could also offer small kitchen gadgets, recipe boxes, stationery, best-selling books, home-made preserves, or gift sets as baby shower game prizes. Look for prizes which are sure to raise a laugh and keep the mood light. Fold it in half, roll it into a cylinder and tie it with a pretty ribbon. Spray an altoid jar the same color as your baby shower theme or decorate it, and add the gift card in there.

This baby-shower prize looks expensive, but costs very little. Spotting risk early may help women make healthy lifestyle changes sooner.

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