Association for asian studies book prizes children

Association for asian studies book prizes children

The Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy Book Prize will honor a distinguished work of scholarship in South Asian Studies that promises to define or redefine the. The Northeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies announces the competition for the 25th annual John Whitney Hall Book Prize to be awarded in. Patrick D. Hanan Book Prize for Translation (China and Inner Asia) Robin Yates, Law, State and Society in Early Imperial China, Brill.

The Merlin Foundation, established by the late Audrey Sheldon, has provided for the two awards, one for works whose main focus is on China before and the other for works on post China. The prizes will be awarded to the English-language books that make the greatest contribution to increasing understanding of the history, culture, society, politics, or economy of China. Works in all disciplines and in all periods of Chinese history are eligible, but anthologies, edited works, and pamphlets will not be considered.

In keeping with the broad scholarly interests of Joseph Levenson, special consideration will be given to books that, through comparative insights or groundbreaking research, promote the relevance of scholarship on China to the wider world of intellectual discourse.

To be eligible, books must have a copyright date. Either presses or individuals may submit books, and it is suggested that authors consult with their presses concerning submission.

The prizes will be presented at the AAS annual conference next year. Eligible authors should be aware that since many publishers do not automatically submit nominations, authors must assume responsibility for having their books be placed in nomination and sent to members of the prize committee.

Anthony Babieri-Low Chair , Dept.

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Association for asian studies book prizes children 489

Contesting Citizenship in Urban China: Chinese Village, Socialist State. Alexander Mark Your Calendars: Hymes Way and Byway: City People and Politics in the s. Chinese Law in Imperial Eyes:

Association for asian studies book prizes children

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Association for asian studies book prizes children -

Ornament, Society, and Self in Classical China. Non-fiction literary awards American literary awards Awards established in establishments in Michigan Joseph Levenson Book Prize recipients. Private Life under Socialism: Edward Friedman Paul G. Winnie Won Yin Wong. Science and Policy in Deng's China. Coomaraswamy Book Prize South Asia.

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  1. Kahin Prize of the Association for Asian Studies is given biennially to an outstanding scholar of Southeast Asian studies from any discipline or country specialization to recognize distinguished scholarly work on Southeast Asia beyond the author's first book.

  2. Levenson by the Association for Asian Studies to two English-language books, one whose main focus is on China before and the other for works on post China.

  3. The Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy Book Prize will honor a distinguished work of scholarship in South Asian Studies that promises to define or redefine the understanding of whole subject areas.

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AAS Book Prizes

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